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Wednesday 10 February
Rudyard's 08:00 PM All Ages $10.00 ADV   $12.00 DAY OF $13.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Emily Wells, Lorna Dune
Performer, producer, and composer Emily Wells is known for her varied use of classical and modern instrumentation as well as her deft approach to live sampling. Classically trained as a violinist, Wells also performs using acoustic drums, synthesizers, and beat machines. She has toured extensively in the US and Europe and will release her next full length album Promise January 29, 2016 via her newly minted label "Thesis & Instinct".

Promise, a soul record in baroque clothing, is about friendship, romance, and risk. It is about forgetting and desire. The title is derived from the installation "Promesa" by Cabella/Carceller, portrayed on the album's cover, which depicts abandoned sites of pleasure. The eleven songs carry this same sentiment in their orchestral tones and unhidden vocals. So many have tried to define Wells' one woman experience as future classical, down tempo hip hop, greased-up blues, spectral folk, etc. It doesn't matter. By the time their creative label goes to print, Emily Wells is pouring gas on her former self and lighting the way.

Wells has recorded and produced several albums including the critically acclaimed Symphonies: Dreams, Memories & Parties and Mama. As a composer she contributed to the soundtrack and score for Park ChanWook's Stoker and scored the forthcoming film Here Is Something Beautiful (etc.

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Friday 12 February
The Raven Tower 06:00 PM All Ages $10.00 ADV $11.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
What's It Fest (a Tribute To Alan Huynh + More)
$10 presale and door

"Join us in celebrating the life of local musician, caring friend, and- "what's it," all-around great person, Alan Huynh; with an evening of love and appreciation for/in/from/within the Houston music scene. Featuring a lineup of some of Alan's favorite local acts, we'll showcase just a sliver of the city's talent and diversity while paying respects to one of its own.

All of the ticket sales will be going to Alan's family to help alleviate the burden of funeral costs.

Chase Hamblin (6:30-6:50)
Agamemnon (7:05-7:25)
Some Nerve (8:40-8:00)
Catch Fever (8:15-8:45)
Another Run (9-9:30)
King Huynh (A Tribute to Alan Huynh) (9:45-end)

King Huynh will comprise songs from many of the music projects Alan was involved in over the course of his time time in Houston. His various instrumentations will be performed by guest musicians, close friends and peers.
Among the works performed will be songs by:

Ada Lissy (2015-16, Alan provided guitar/backing vocals/mustache)
(cover band)

OT (2010-11, bass/backing vocals/crab-walks)

The Bermuda Triangle of Exploding Snails (2010-12, vocals/guitar/explosions)

Retro Live (2015-16, guitar/vocals/magic)
(cover band)

King Finn (2013-16, guitar/backing vocals/cosmos)

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Thursday 18 February
Rudyard's 08:00 PM All Ages $10.00 ADV   $12.00 DAY OF $13.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Beacon, Natasha Kmeto
Brooklyn duo Beacon explore the dark side of sweet melody with a sound thats as seductive as it is subtly discomfiting. The duo Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett met at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute, where they were studying sculpture and painting respectively. They fuse the deceptively sweet melodies of R&B with an intoxicating undercurrent of darkness, drawing on influence as disparate as Warps back catalogue and Underworld.

The duos first release, the No Body EP, consisted of four songs that deftly walked the line between seductive and sinister. The production took as much from electronic music as it did from R&B and hip hop, setting Mullarneys vocals against backdrops that define as much of the songs atmosphere as do the words themselves. That sound was deepened and expanded on 2013s The Ways We Separate, a collection of songs about human relationships set to flickering electronics and driven by Mullarneys soft, aching vocals. Separate was the perfect illustration of Beacons dual nature: electronics pulsed and blinked, but Mullarneys silky, whispering vocals made every song sound like synthetic soul.

Where The Ways We Separate was about space-specifically, the space between people-Escapements is about time. The title is taken from clock mechanics; escapements are timekeeping regulators designed to transfer energy at a constant pace. "I was attracted to this concept because of the entropy it implies," Mullarney explains. "Friction and changes in amplitude over time mean every escapement, no matter how well crafted, will lose its accuracy and effectively slow down time via its own decay."

The songs on Escapements demonstrate a new depth and complexity: "Backbone" is a song that operates in discrete movements-soft dance one moment, haunting elegy the next. The title track lays harplike electronics over a stuttering rhythm track, and "Cure" pops and vibrates endlessly, its jittery and scrambling production the perfect counterpoint to Mullaneys sighing voice. I hope this record proves our restlessness and shows that we really arent content to have only one approach to creating music," says Mullarney. Gossett agrees. "When you don't give yourself a specific place to land you never really miss," he says. "We just tried to trust ourselves and not put limitations on what this record was supposed to be. In that sense, it's exactly the record we were meant to make."

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Saturday 20 February
Rudyard's 08:00 PM All Ages $12.00 ADV $13.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Grizfolk, Knox Hamilton
Grizfolk, an alternative rock quintet, has been catapulted into the spotlight by a distinctive sound that forges sharp, raw vocals with edgy electronic textures and heavy guitar and drums. KCRW's Jason Bentley championed Grizfolk as one of his favorite new bands inviting them to appear on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic", Spotify put them on its list of Artists to Watch for 2014, and alt-rock chart-topper Bastille handpicked Grizfolk to open on its fall 2014 arena tour. "The Struggle," from Grizfolk's 2014 EP From The Spark (Virgin Records), introduced the band at radio stations across the country early in 2014, and is followed by the driving pulse of the band's first modern rock single "Hymnals." Remix veteran RAC also released his version of "The Struggle,"which quickly climbed to #1 on Hype Machine.

Formed in Los Angeles, the members of Grizfolk come from two different continents and vastly disparate musical backgrounds. Indie rock singer Adam Roth left the small Florida town he grew up in and headed west about the same time that Swedish producers Fredrik Eriksson and Sebastian Fritze decided to trade the snowdrifts of Stockholm for the palm trees of Southern California. After marrying the effortless range of Adam's heartfelt vocals with Fredrik's piercing guitar and the harmonizing keys of Sebastian, Grizfolk expanded to include the similarly alt-rock-minded Bill Delia and Brendan James.

The band has been winning acclaim for its electrifying performances and striking songs ever since. The LA Weekly praised Grizfolk's "lyrically vivid stories" and "hook heavy power," and The Burning Ear described "Hymnals" as ‘riding an unstoppable wave of percussion, keys, guitar, and singer Adam Roth's epic vocals." Grizfolk wrote and recorded "Way Back When," a rocking celebration for the end title sequence of DreamWorks' Mr. Peabody & Sherman and performed at the "Film on the Rocks" series at Colorado's legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The band's music has already been licensed by MTV's "Generation Cryo," The CW, and the Hard Rock Hotel's "Sound of Your Stay" program. In addition to touring with Bastille, Grizfolk has opened for many other artists on the alternative circuit, including Haim and Wild Cub.

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Saturday 20 February
Numbers 08:00 PM All Ages $16.00 ADV   $18.00 DAY OF $20.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Robert Delong, Colours
Robert DeLong has a thing for tarot, but that shouldn't be too surprising. The rise of the Los Angeles dance-pop provocateur and one-man band seems fated thus far. In 2013, his self-fulfilling "Global Concepts" single became an international hit and he's been following it around the world since, from dives to clubs to nearly every festival you've ever heard of. Now the man returns from the neon wilderness with his most diverse and beat-driven work yet: In the Cards. DeLong's second album boldly swirls electronic strains-techno, house, drum & bass, electro, trip-hop-with rock composition and emotive soul. Each song is an aural world unto itself where DeLong probes a different angle of the record's theme: Is the story of our lives written "in the cards" or are we free to make our destinies? Ultimately, is there a difference?

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Tuesday 23 February
Walter's Downtown 07:00 PM All Ages $16.00 ADV   $18.00 DAY OF $20.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Darkest Hour, Venomous Maximus, Day of Reckoning, Mastema
Darkest Hour's self titled 8th studio album is seen by some as the end of a journey spanning almost two decades. Others see it as a new beginning. Regardless, its place in history is complete. Debuting at Darkest Hour's highest ever Billboard chart position to date, self -titled allows the fresh talents of drummer Travis Orbin and bassist Aaron Deal to shine (both of which make their musical debut on this album). The cover art features the 7 sided Star of Babalon. Recoreded, mixed and Mastered over a two year period in Bethesda, MD by producer Taylor Larson, Darkest Hour was released on August 5, 2014. Music video and radio singles include: The Misery We Make, By The Starlight, Futurist, Rapture in Exile, and Wasteland. Upon release of the album the band toured along side the Rockstar Energy Drink Music Festiville with world touring expected.

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Tuesday 23 February
The Raven Tower 07:00 PM All Ages $18.00 ADV   $20.00 DAY OF $22.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
There are approximately 2,000 miles between Nashville and Los Angeles. Both cities are home to JOHNNYSWIM. However, the duo's music far transcends that distance. It's easy to understand why A Prairie Home Companion declared that Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez are "21st century troubadours." As JOHNNYSWIM, they embody the tradition of the well-traveled singer-songwriter while cultivating a modern style that's uniquely their own.

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Wednesday 24 February
Walter's Downtown 07:00 PM All Ages $15.00 ADV   $18.00 DAY OF $20.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Bag Raiders
Bag Raider's long overdue and lovingly anticipated debut self-titled album is finally complete. Now the boys are ready to sit back, kick their feet up and enjoy the sound of jaws collectively dropping across the planet as they deliver one of the most well rounded and unique debut pop albums of the year.
Bag Raiders are the combined talents of Jack Glass and Chris Stracey. Together, they produce the sparks of light, aural gems and sonic booms that make up one of the most sought-after up and coming duos on the planet. After dropping singles on Bang Gang 12s (Fun Punch, Turbo Love) and remixing the likes Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts and Kid Sister, the two's reputation internationally grew, and when they released a little ditty titled ‘Shooting Stars' they reached every dangerous, dark and smokey corner of the world, making them a household name among in-the-know indie kids, the sweaty dance faithful and the DJs across the globe.
A collection of thoughts, ideas and memories, Bag Raiders transcends typical dance and pop boundaries, showcasing the creativity of a band at the forefront of modern production. The album ticks the right boxes for fans new and old, coming correct with sing-a-long choruses, deep-breath anthems, blissful chill and pure dancefloor energy. In short Bag Raiders debut album adds a new dimension in the cluttered and diluted dance world.

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Wednesday 24 February
Warehouse Live The Studio 07:00 PM All Ages $20.00 ADV   $22.00 DAY OF
Daley, TBA
With his signature black frames and mohawk, Daley's image already surmises his budding status as soul impresario for the 21st century. At only 24-years-old, the homegrown UK singer-songwriter is on his way to redefining the way R&B/Soul not only looks but sounds and feels.

"If you're expecting the same old soul singer, that's not necessarily who I am," the prodigy divulges as perhaps the most telling description of his work. "I call my sound 'future throwback soul' since it's what people love about old soul music, that throwback sound... but I bring it into the future." Growing up in Manchester, he put in his time studying the soul greats of yesterday and today, developing his sound as a teen through bedroom recordings and making his name performing on Britain's underground urban stages. "It was tough fitting into the Manchester music scene which had always been really focused on guitar and dance music, the urban scene was almost non-existent... so, in making those recordings in my bedroom, I figured out how I wanted to sound... It was my training ground. Everything really began there for me. It was the first step in becoming the artist I am today."

He first perked mainstream ears accompanying the Gorillaz on their 2010 chart hit, "Doncamatic," after a mutual friend introduced the group to his music at one of his many London shows. He released the single, "Smoking Gun" in 2011 to impressive airplay, gaining ground as an independent artist on BBC Radio 1xtra and being listed as one of the station's 'Sound of 2011' honorable mentions. He later fueled Wretch 32's "Long Way Home," for which he co-wrote.

His gradual ascent didn't come easy, however. Pulling in favors after nearly being dropped by his label and investing his own money into promotion, Daley completed his EP, "Those Who Wait," spawning his initial viral online success in 2012. "I made the EP a free download because after the Gorillaz track there really wasn't much else out there for people to get ahold of from me and in doing so, it spread around the world and helped me gain the attention of more listeners," he explains. "In being free, it took on a life of its own and became like an introduction for me as an artist... I knew I had to get it heard stateside and that was really the best way."

His second EP, "Alone Together" (also released in 2012) continued his rise with his first stateside single, the subtly seductive "Alone Together" featuring Grammy nominee, Marsha Ambrosius, for which New York R&B radio station WBLS gave its first spins. Since his US debut, he's garnered two Soul Train Award nominations and has racked up over 5 million YouTube/VEVO views with the video for his Jessie J-assisted duet, "Remember Me." Supporting the likes of Miguel and Emeli Sande, along with megastar label mate, Jessie J, he's performed to sold-out audiences around the world and counts icons, George Michael and Bobby Womack, among his fans. 2013 scored Daley his first MOBO nominations, for "Best Newcomer" and "Best R&B Artist," along with a guest spot on Nelly's latest single, "Heaven."

Part of Daley's international appeal comes from his ability to harmonize the sounds of yesterday and tomorrow with the technologies of today. His Twitter hash tag "#ASKDALEY" has trended globally, while he's notably become one of BBC 1xtra Live's most shared acts to date. He says of his digital following: "I can gage people's reactions and I like to hear their feedback. It's important to me to hear how people feel and relate to my music."

All signs point to a massive full-length debut from the artist in 2014. Entitled "Days & Nights," the album balances the bright young star's individual style and awe-worthy falsetto with illuminating vulnerability and substance. "'Days & Nights' is literally my life for the past couple of years. It's trying to balance your career, your love life, your 'everything' and keeping them all in check... it all blurs into one like your days and nights," he describes.

Fusing R&B/Soul aesthetics he grew up on (from Prince's funky fervor to D'Angelo's neo-soul) with sparse electro-ambient stylings, he effectively captures this generation's sonic amalgam. While his palette's rooted in the classics, he pushes music forward with a sound beyond his years. "It's soulful at its core and in terms of sound and production, the album reflects me and my influences -- a combination of US and UK sounds," he details.

On "Be," he employs 80's percussion with moody piano chords to achieve a Sade-like AC stunner. "Blame The World's" boom-bap brass and orchestral backing show off his bombastic versatility, while the empowering "Broken" proves he can easily hold his own as a triumphant balladeer a la Adele. Pharrell's co-production on "Look Up" even reminisces Marvin Gaye's seminal "What's Going On," begging a comparison to the icon's greatest moments.

Tackling the everyday has never sounded so sensuous.

"Days & Nights" welcomes Daley to the world stage without compromise.

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Thursday 25 February
Rudyard's 08:00 PM All Ages $15.00 ADV $17.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Sylvain Sylvain, Modfag, Guillotines
Following the breakup of the New York Dolls, guitarist Sylvain Sylvain continued to work with David Johansen for a time, but also began directing his efforts to a solo career. Prior to joining the Dolls, Sylvain had been in a band called Actress with future Dolls Johnny Thunders and Billy Murcia; when a replacement was needed for guitarist Rick Rivets, Sylvain stepped in. After the Dolls' breakup in 1977, Sylvain remained with Johansen for the next two years while forming a band called the Criminals, featuring keyboardist Bobby Blain, bassist Michael Page, and drummer Tony Machine. (Some Criminals material is collected on the 1985 compilation '78 Criminals.) Sylvain finally chose his solo career over Johansen in 1979 with the formation of the Teenage News, which featured Johansen, bandmates Johnny Rao (guitar) and Buz Verno (bass), plus Criminal Blain and drummer Lee Crystal. Sylvain recorded a self-titled debut that year, which consisted of traditional, smoothed-out, highly melodic pop/rock with a variety of influences. Its 1981 follow-up was released under the name (and title) Syl Sylvain and the Teardrops, but like its predecessor, was a commercial failure, and Sylvain was dropped by RCA. He released an independent single in 1983 but has not been heard from since. In the late '90s, Sylvain Sylvain pulled together several releases that included Sleep Baby Doll (1998) and In Teenage News (2000) both on Fishhead. Paper Pencil & Glue was issued on Munster in fall 2000. ~ Steve Huey

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Friday 26 February
The Raven Tower 07:00 PM All Ages FREE ADV FREE DAY OF BOX OFFICE $5 Minor Upcharge at Door / RSVP does not guarantee entry. Admission is subject to venue capacity at time of arrival.
Seratones, Los Coast, Middlechild
Seratones are beasts of the Southern wild. The four-piece rock band, hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, play rocking, swinging, soul-stirring tunes that are uniquely their own. Their debut single "Necromancer"/"Take It Easy" is set for release October 16 on Fat Possum Records. It is produced by Jimbo Mathus. Here's a dose of the good stuff.

The band's sound owes much to the commanding vocals of frontwoman AJ Haynes. At age six, Haynes began singing in Brownsville Baptist Church in Columbia, Louisiana, where she was taught to project her voice to hit the back wall. "Church was where I was introduced to the spirit, y'know?" AJ says with her sage laugh.

"All our songs are written collaboratively, everyone takes care of their own instrument," explains AJ of her bandmates Connor Davis (guitar), Adam Davis (bass), Jesse Gabriel (drums) . "'Take it Easy' started with an E-chord and a good groove, and we just pulled it from the ether." A song about falling in love with someone you're not supposed to, the irony is that "Take It Easy" has got some heavy licks. Of the rockier A-side, AJ explains: "'Necromancer' started with a riff Connor wrote, and I'd been working on a poem while reading Autobiography of a Yogi, and it just fit. It's a dance song about dancing!"

This is only the opening salvo from a band ready to work. Between NPR latte-sippers and moshpit punkers, Seratones make the masses move their asses. People get ready!

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Friday 26 February
Warehouse Live The Studio 07:00 PM All Ages $13.00 ADV   $15.00 DAY OF
Scale The Summit, Agamemnon, Some Nerve

At this point in their career, it's almost easier to list the prog acts SCALE THE SUMMIT haven't toured with than the ones they have. From legends like Dream Theater and Yes, to cult heroes such as Cynic and Devin Townsend, to modern trailblazers such as Periphery and BTBAM, to heavy experimentalists like Intronaut and Mastodon, the band has shared stages with a who's who of the genre's past, present and future.

This mix of classic and contemporary, timeless and topical is also reflected in the instrumentalists' evocative sound, which is just as vital in today's post-post- / anything-goes world of shuffled playlists as it would have been on the freeform rock radio playlists of the 1970s. The group's fifth album, "V," sees the group further develop their colorful musical palettes thanks to the addition of new drummer J.C. Bryant and the work of returning mixer Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist), who also collaborated with the band on 2013's Billboard-charting "The Migration."

Described as "essential prog" by Guitar World, SCALE THE SUMMIT was formed in 2004 after guitarists Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier met while attending Hollywood's Musicians Institute. The group self-released their first album, 2007's "Monument," before signing with Prosthetic for the 2009 release of their sophomore effort "Carving Desert Canyons." That album earned acclaim from fans, critics and peers alike -- none more high-profile than former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, who asked the band to take part in the group's Progressive Nation tour that year.

From there, SCALE THE SUMMIT supported the release of 2011's "The Collective" with rigorous touring. With new bassist Mark Michell in tow, the band then headed to King's Basement Studios in North Carolina to record "The Migration," their first effort to crack the Billboard Top 200. Described as "post-rock at its most melodic and dynamic best" (Alternative Press), the album was supported by extensive touring across North America and Europe, as well as appearances on several notable festivals (Yestival, SXSW, Cruise to the Edge, etc).

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Saturday 27 February
The Raven Tower 07:00 PM All Ages $8.00 ADV   $10.00 DAY OF $11.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Air Sex Championships - Houston

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Thursday 3 March
Rudyard's 08:00 PM All Ages $10.00 ADV   $12.00 DAY OF $13.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Great Good Fine OK, Handsome Ghost
Often the best pop songs happen spontaneously and on impulse. Like A Prayer was written in a day. Sia Furler wrote Rihanna's Diamonds in just 14 minutes. Brooklyn's rising synthpop stars Great Good Fine Ok, meanwhile, bumped into each other on the street late last year, decided to harness their intuitive creative spirits, and finished their first song together in one night. The resulting track, the epic ‘You're The One For Me' - and its memorable ‘sexy sandwich' video of a girl getting inventive with her baguette fillings - triggered internet pandemonium and placed the duo firmly at the top of 2014's New Artists To Watch lists. So remarkable was it that the song also swiped the #1 spot on Hype Machine twice in one month.

Singer/songwriter Jon Sandler and multi-instrumentalist/producer Luke Moellman haven't looked back since. Their anthemic blend of dreamy electro flutters, R&B beats and lush, expansive pop, which has seen them compared to M83, Phoenix and Passion Pit, has caught the attention of Neon Gold, the tastemaking pop label that discovered has helped break Ellie Goulding, Icona Pop and Gotye. Live, meanwhile, Great Good Fine Ok have whipped up just as much frenzied excitement: their first gig in New York was in a sold-out venue of 300 people and weeks later, at South By Southwest, there were queues down the block for all of their six shows.

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Friday 4 March
The Raven Tower 07:00 PM All Ages $10.00 ADV   $12.00 DAY OF $13.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Lost Element
Hailing from Houston, TX, Lost Element has quickly established itself as one of the most promising new Alt/Pop artists on the scene. Their new single "Twenty Five," which layers crunchy guitars with a good time summer vibe sing-along chorus, is set to release in April of 2015. Behind Lost Element's sound are the three core writing members Omar Lopez (Lead Vocals), Brian Barrett (Drums and Backup Vocals), andTrace Sisson (Guitar and backup Vocals), along with youthful dynamic duo of Kenny Conlon (Bass) and Frank Vazquez (Guitar and backup Vocals).

Lost Element has built a strong and devoted fan base in Houston, playing large music festivals including 94.5 The Buzz‘s Weenie Roast, supporting Awolnation and Hoobastank as well as opening for many national acts at clubs and theatres in the area. Critical acclaim includes their winning the "New band of the Year" award at the 2011 Texas Buzz Music Awards.

"Twenty Five" is the first single from their new album, "Stereo Dream", which is set to release this fall. It's produced by up and comer Bryce Bordone. The new album shows a marked evolution in their sound, presenting a dynamic mix of new wave pop, alternative drive, and indie hooks.
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