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Friday 18 April
Fitzgerald's 08:00 PM All Ages $15.00 ADV $17.00 DAY OF BOX OFFICE
Baths, Young Fathers, Stephen Farris
Baths is the intricate electronic pop project of Los Angeles-area producer Will Wiesenfeld, also of [Post-Foetus] and Geotic. Growing up in California's San Fernando Valley, Wiesenfeld began making music at an early age, with his parents enrolling him in music lessons at age four (at his insistence). He began recording his own music in his early teens, but found his true inspiration after discovering Björk's music. Wiesenfeld taught himself guitar, contra bass, and viola and developed a quirky, layered production style, mixing sounds like clicking pens and running water with electronics and live instruments. His first project -- which he began while still in his teens -- was [Post-Foetus], but he soon began crafting ambient compositions under the name Geotic, and eventually added the Baths moniker to the fold. Wiesenfeld was also invited by the like-minded producer Daedelus to play at the L.A. venue Low End Theory and became a regular performer at the club. Baths signed to Anticon Records in 2009, and the debut album Cerulean followed in 2010. Illness and Wiesenfeld's wish to perform with a full band informed his second album, 2013's Obsidian, a set of songs that was darker and more direct than his earlier music. ~ Heather Phares

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Saturday 19 April
Fitzgerald's 08:00 PM All Ages $0.00 to $5.00
You asked for it! Maryoceane and Pegstar brings you another Rave to the Grave!

Rave to the Grave is a dance party inspired by the club kid movement of the 80s and 90s and the movie PARTY MONSTER.

Come party and dance club kid style April 19th at Fitzgerald's! Maculay can't make it, but you can.

with Emcee Dutch Small

Max Xandaux
Depressed Mode featuring Omar Afra, Austin Smith, Geoffrey Muller, Chris Landry, and Omar Al-Bochi (covering Depeche Mode and other 80s/90s hits)

Fred Ster
Lacey Youngblood from NYC
spinning the best 80s/90s hits

FREE 21+
$5 under



You'll want to dress up, not just so you don't feel left out, but to participate in a Club Kid costume contest for MONEY. SUCCESS. FAME. GLAMOUR.

Hashtag your party pic

Remember, the more people the more fun, so tell your friends!

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Monday 21 April
Fitzgerald's 07:00 PM All Ages $18.00 ADV
$20.00 DAY OF
The Sounds, Blondfire, Ghost Beach
The Sounds -- a Swedish group whose poppy, synthesizer-heavy music is unapologetically indebted to Blondie and Missing Persons -- feature the coed talents of vocalist Maja Ivarsson, keyboardist Jesper Anderberg, bassist Johan Bengtsson, drummer Fredrik Nilsson, and guitarist Felix Rodriguez. The new wave throwbacks first banded together in 1999 in Stockholm, where they recorded much of the debut album Living in America. The record charted at number four the week after its Swedish release in 2002, and an American release followed in May 2003. Dying to Say This to You appeared three years later, featuring a polished blend of anthemic, '80s-inspired rock and sex-crazed new wave that widened the band's audience abroad.

Touring obligations kept the Sounds busy until October 2007, at which time they returned to the studio with a string of producers, including Mark Saunders (who had recently worked with the Sounds' touring mates, Shiny Toy Guns), Fountains of Wayne founder Adam Schlesinger, and former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha. The Sounds also extricated themselves from their previous record contract, preferring to blaze their own path instead. Recording sessions for the group's third studio effort, Crossing the Rubicon, took place in Sweden, Los Angeles, and New York, and the resulting album was released in June 2009. The band spent the better part of 2009 touring the album, even nabbing a supporting slot with No Doubt. In 2011 the Sounds released their fourth studio effort, Something to Die For, featuring the single "Better Off Dead." Two years later, the Sounds returned with their fifth studio album, Weekend, which included the title track single and the song "Shake Shake Shake." ~ Andy Kellman & Andrew Leahey

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Tuesday 22 April
Fitzgerald's 07:00 PM All Ages $18.00 ADV
$20.00 DAY OF
Augustana, Twin Forks
Augustana's music is the heartland equivalent of Coldplay and Keane, with a touch of mid-'90s adult alternative throwback (think Counting Crows or the Wallflowers) also peppering the band's rootsy, piano-based rock. Although based in California, the group formed in southern Illinois in 2002, while singer/keyboardist Dan Layus and guitarist Josiah Rosen were studying contemporary Christian music at Greenville College. The band's original lineup also included bassist Simeon Lohrmann, second keyboardist David Lamoureaux, and drummer Kyle Baker. This lineup released a pair of self-distributed CDs -- the full-length Midwest Skies and Sleepless Mondays and the EP Mayfield -- in 2003, but the conservative climate of Greenville College proved to be too confining for the band's two co-founders. Choosing music over academia, Layus and Rosen left Greenville for Los Angeles in 2004, jettisoning the rest of the band and re-forming with a new lineup that included keyboardist John Vincent, bassist Jared Palomar, and drummer Justin South.

The reformulated Augustana signed with Epic Records in 2005 and released their major-label debut, All the Stars and Boulevards, in September of that year. A slow starter, the album gradually rose to national attention on the strength of "Boston," a heartfelt ballad that was featured on an episode of Scrubs in early 2006. To encourage this increase in Augustana's popularity, a limited-edition reissue of the album (with extra songs and video content) was released in September 2006. By the following year, All the Stars and Boulevards had finally made its way into the Billboard Top 40 -- a whopping 19 months after its initial release. Augustana then returned in 2008 with a new lineup (Josiah Rosen had left the band for a solo career in early 2006, only to be replaced by guitarist/mandolin player Chris Sachtleben) and a new album, Can't Love, Can't Hurt. More rootsy than the band's debut, Can't Love, Can't Hurt produced a pair of modestly successful singles and sold 400,000 copies worldwide. It also laid the foundation for Augustana, the band's self-titled third album, which appeared in 2011 and featured an even more rootsy, anthemic sound. Producer Jacquire King, the man behind Kings of Leon's breakthrough album Only by the Night, oversaw the project. ~ Stewart Mason

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Thursday 24 April
Fitzgerald's 08:00 PM All Ages $16.00 ADV
$18.00 DAY OF
Warpaint, James Supercave
A Los Angeles quartet dealing in sparse, atmospheric art rock, Warpaint originally consisted of sisters Jenny Lee Lindberg and Shannyn Sossamon (on bass and drums, respectively), as well as Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman on vocal and guitar. Sossamon left due to conflicts with her acting schedule and was replaced by Stella Mozgawa. With a dedicated lineup, the band began to experiment with murky spaciousness and stripped-down arrangements, and gained the attention of former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante. In 2009, they self-released their debut EP, Exquisite Corpse (which was mixed by Frusciante). After a successful showing at CMJ, they signed with Rough Trade and set to work recording their full-length debut for the label. The Fool arrived in October 2010, featuring more fleshed-out songcraft and stronger performances. After taking a few years to follow up their debut and citing their desire to experiment more with sounds and really connect as a group, the band released the lead single "Love Is to Die," which was featured on a Calvin Klein advert in September 2013. Their eponymous sophomore album, which was produced by Flood and mixed by him and Nigel Godrich, followed in early 2014. ~ Gregory Heaney

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Friday 25 April
Fitzgerald's 08:00 PM All Ages $23.00 ADV
$25.00 DAY OF
Mogwai, Majeure
The cosmic post-rock band Mogwai were formed in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1996 by guitarist/vocalist Stuart Braithwaite, guitarist Dominic Aitchison, and drummer Martin Bulloch, longtime friends with the goal of creating "serious guitar music." Toward that end they added another guitarist, John Cummings, before debuting in March 1996 with the single "Tuner," a rarity in the Mogwai discography for its prominent vocals; the follow-up, a split single with Dweeb titled "Angels vs. Aliens," landed in the Top Ten on the British indie charts. Following appearances on a series of compilations, Mogwai returned later in the year with the 7" "Summer"; after another early-1997 single, "New Paths to Helicon," they issued Ten Rapid, a collection of their earliest material. ~ Jason Ankeny

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Friday 25 April
Fitzgerald's 08:00 PM All Ages $12.00 ADV
$14.00 DAY OF
Cloud Nothings, Ryley Walker
Cloud Nothings' prolific lo-fi pop is the brainchild of Dylan Baldi, a Cleveland, Ohio native who was still in his teens when the buzz about his music started. Baldi was majoring in audio recording at college when he dropped out to focus on his home recordings. After a few months, he uploaded the songs "Hey Cool Kid" and "Whaddaya Wanna Know" to his MySpace page, which led to gigs with Woods and Real Estate, and 2010 singles released via Group Tightener and Old Flame Records. That year, Cloud Nothings also released a split cassette with Campfires and the Turning On EP. On the strength of all this music, Baldi signed to Carpark in the U.S. and to Wichita Records in the U.K.; Turning On was reissued with selected tracks from his other singles. Along with dates with Wavves, Titus Andronicus, and Best Coast, Baldi began work on Cloud Nothings' full-length debut in Baltimore, Maryland's Copycat Building studio with producer Chester Gwazda. The results of those sessions became Cloud Nothings, which arrived in January 2011. Later that year, Baldi and his band went into the studio with Steve Albini; the result of these sessions was 2012's much rawer, heavier Attack on Memory. That July, the Live @ the Grog Shop EP, which captured a particularly blistering set from Cloud Nothings' tour, was released. ~ Heather Phares

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Friday 25 April
Warehouse Live 08:00 PM All Ages $20.00 ADV
$22.00 DAY OF

Phantogram, Teen
Phantogram are an electronic rock duo from upstate New York whose music incorporates psychedelic pop vocals, J Dilla-style hip-hop beats, and shoegazing sensibility. Founded in 2007 and based in Saratoga Springs, New York, the duo is comprised of longtime friends Josh Carter (guitar, vocals) and Sarah Barthel (keyboards, vocals), who originally hail from the nearby small town of Greenwich, New York. Originally known as Charlie Everywhere and associated with the local independent label Sub-Bombin Records, the duo released the eponymous Phantogram EP in March 2009 and sparked widespread interest with two songs in particular, "Mouthful of Diamonds" and "When I'm Small."

Phantogram subsequently released the Running from the Cops EP in May 2009 on the international label BBE Records. The duo finally made its full-length album debut with Eyelid Movies (2010), an 11-track album featuring the four previously released EP songs "Mouthful of Diamonds," "When I'm Small," "Running from the Cops," and "Bloody Palms." The album was released internationally by BBE Records, domestically by Barsuk Records, and on vinyl by Ghostly International. The duo returned in late 2011 with the Nightlife EP, which sold enough to hit the lower reaches of the U.S. charts.

They continued to tour heavily but found the time to collaborate with OutKast's Big Boi on his second album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours (2012) and also featured on the Flaming Lips track "Young Lust" in 2013. Their success continued in 2013 when fan favorite "When I'm Small" appeared on the MTV adaptation of the hit U.K. show Skins and they released a four-song, self-titled EP. Toward the end of the year they returned to Upstate New York and began to write and record their second full-length album, which was due in early 2014. The pair traveled to L.A. to put the finishing touches on the record, titled Voices, with producer John Hill (Santigold, M.I.A.). ~ Jason Birchmeier & Scott Kerr

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Tuesday 29 April
Fitzgerald's 07:00 PM All Ages $15.00 ADV
$17.00 DAY OF
Tycho, Gardens & Villa
For nearly a decade, Tycho has been known as the musical alias of Scott Hansen, but with the release of Awake – his second LP for Ghostly International – the solo project has evolved into a three-piece band. Reaching an entire new realm of sonic possibilities this time out, Awake is situated in the present, reaching Hansen's vision of Tycho like never before. "This is, in many ways, the first true Tycho record."
Following 2011's Dive LP, the San Francisco, California based designer toured extensively, accompanied by a full band on stage, his sound coalesced into a percussive, organic whole. Zac Brown (guitars, bass) continued to join Scott on the road, but it was the particular addition of Rory O'Connor's live drumming that ultimately sent Hansen back to the studio with a more precise vision for what the future of what Tycho could be. "After the tour, I decided that I wanted to capture the more energetic, driven sound of the live show on the next album," Hansen recalls. Bringing musicians into Tycho's creative process was a step towards expanding his own songwriting and advancing the project beyond its current incarnation.
In a cabin near Lake Tahoe last winter, Hansen and Brown began fleshing out the structure of the new record, but it wasn't until they set up shop in the hills of Santa Cruz with O'Connor that it all fell into place. "It crystallized the vision of how the drums would come to the forefront on this record," says Hansen. The sound was much more stripped-down and concise with live instruments coming to the forefront. Perhaps it was leading up to this all along, songs like "Montana" and "Awake" perfectly exemplify Tycho's new, amped up, sound – unique to the group effort poured into the songs on the new record – while "See" and "Dye" echo ideas from previous works but with a clear with a view to the future. Working with Count Eldridge, who also engineered Dive, the team could fixate on the pulses that Tycho might have previously layered under synthesizers and exhume them with distinct bass and guitar patterns. Together they bridge an ethereal middle ground between old memories and new experiences, "While I grew up in California, I spent a lot of time as a kid in places like Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Montana," says Hansen, "I got back in touch with those areas over the past few years and they inspired me a great deal." Hansen went on to build those images into the foundation behind the artwork for Awake, "I created the cover art to be a symbol, or a flag, to represent this fictional region comprised of idealized elements of all these western states."
Also known for his design work as ISO50, Hansen's visual and sonic efforts have dovetailed throughout the course of his career. "This is the first time in my life I've dropped everything to focus on one artistic pursuit," notes Hansen. Previous Tycho releases came to fruition from Hansen's delicate solo approach to constructing a song, tweaking each peak and valley, but ‘Awake' is three like-minded people coming together where music becomes the sole purpose and true expression becomes the result.

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Tuesday 29 April
Fitzgerald's 07:00 PM All Ages $10.00 ADV
$12.00 DAY OF
Lost In The Trees, Wild Moccasins
Lost in the Trees is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Ari Picker, a Chapel Hill native who started his career as a member of the B-Sides. Picker's studies at the Berklee College of Music led him to attempt an orchestral effort, and he adopted the moniker Lost in the Trees for the project. After assembling a small group of musicians, he recorded a folk-influenced EP, Time Taunts Me, and released it on Trekky Records in early 2007. School work prevented him from touring in support of the EP's release, though, and Picker didn't return to the Lost in Trees project until 2008, when he graduated from Berklee and moved back to North Carolina.

Picker began putting together a new lineup for his band, calling upon several members of the Trekky Records crew as well as the University of North Carolina's orchestra program to help him out. Once formed, the group recorded All Alone in an Empty House, a lush sophomore album that featured strings, horns, and full orchestration. The record was released in 2008 and reissued two years later, following the group's signing with Anti- Records. ~ William Ruhlmann & Andrew Leahey

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Wednesday 30 April
Fitzgerald's 07:00 PM All Ages $8.00 ADV
$10.00 DAY OF
White Hills, Infinite Apaches, Golden Cities
Evoking the spirit and sound of space rock pioneers like Hawkwind, White Hills capture the expansive rock sound of the '70s with their brand of trippy, synth-heavy rock & roll. Formed in New York City as the brainchild of singer and guitarist Dave W., the band, also consisting of bassist Ego Sensation and drummer Lee Hinshaw, got their first break when Julian Cope released their album They've Got Blood Like We've Got Blood on his own label in 2005. This kicked off a prolific string of releases, starting in 2007 with Abstractions & Mutations, released on Drug Space, and the self-released Glitter Glamour. Keeping the albums coming, the band self-released Little Bliss Forever in 2009, as well as Dead and Heads on Fire, both released by Thrill Jockey. In 2010, the expansive trio hooked up with Manchester-based psychedelic drone collective Gnod for Gnod Drop Out with White Hills II. The collaborations continued with the self-titled White Hills, which featured fellow New Yorker and Oneida drummer Kid Million on drums. Keeping the Oneida connection strong, the band returned to its Ocropolis studio to work on their next album with Shahin Motia, resulting in 2011's H-P1. Not wasting any time, the band went back into the studio later that year, bringing synth player (and Julian Cope drummer) Antronhy and touring drummer Nick Name into the studio with them to record the spacey and more refined Frying on This Rock, which was released in 2012. A fair amount of touring and smaller releases filled up 2012, with several live recordings and split releases leading up to 2013's bludgeoning full length So You Are... So You'll Be. ~ Gregory Heaney

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Wednesday 30 April
Fitzgerald's Canceled
Primal Scream
Unfortunately this date has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. The show will be rescheduled though we do not have an exact rescheduled date at this time.

Here's the official statement from the band:
"We're sorry to cancel these shows as we were really excited about them & looking forward to playing "More Light" live in concert in the USA but we promise we'll be back over next year"

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Thursday 1 May
Fitzgerald's 08:00 PM All Ages $10.00 ADV
$12.00 DAY OF
Acid Mothers Temple, Perhaps, Pink Mountaintops
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (and subsequent offshoots) is a Japanese psychedelic band, the core of which formed in 1995.

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Thursday 1 May
Fitzgerald's 08:00 PM All Ages $21.50 ADV
$23.00 DAY OF
The Dandy Warhols
Just seeing how this works and it;s GREAT. I love exclamation points, and this wonderful OLYMPIA typewriter does not have one, I know that Im gunna be using plenty of EXCLAMATION to describe a groovy little band outta Portland, called THE DANDY WARHOLS! (i found it) Anyway, I was first aware of the DANDIES round 1993 or 4. It was a a heady time then, GRunge was breaking bad, I was booking an all ages club called the X-Ray cafe, and pretty much at the end of my rope when it came to booking "an alternative" band. You mean bass, drums, guitar…verse, chorus, verse, chorus? whoo hoo… It was just becoming kinda a sausage, unsexy, loud, macho boy, aggressive kind of scene/sound there, for a bit. Not to say that there weren8t some great loud unsexy bands that I enjoyed or booked but you get the picture… So I heard about Courtney Taylor's new band called THE DANDY WARHOLS. I heard that they had that youngster/cutie pie, Zia in it who was just about ready to start hustlin' cigarettes for camel. For me at least, this mysterious guitar fellow, Pete (where did he come from, anyway?) I also knew Eric their original drummer from various nights on the town. I heard of these folks b4 I'd "heard" them… Nakedness, fucking, drugs, bike rides, motorcycle rides, cult like, were they associated with that Partridge Family Manson thing that was around then? who knew? I just know they were talked about with the sort of "you had to be there, oh my god! One long jam, Zia took her shirt off! oh my god!" kind of way. I got to know Courtney a bit better over the late 90's and early oughts. Still so cool and being able to back THAT up, with whatever that means. You either get it or you don't. Courtney GETS IT! I really did and still do love just sitting and listening to him talk about his band, the scene, art, wine, famous people, not famous people, my mom, really anything. I always think that you gotta bring THE WHOLE SHAKER of salt when you belly up to Courtney, but it's always been fascinating and enlightening. They were making the scene round PORTLAND, but became INTERNATIONAL stars after someone across the pond had the foresight to use their music for commercials, films, jingles and whatever else happened. You just catch lightning in a bottle sometime (don't I know it) and you just ride that wave or lighting or whatever. Try not to question it too much and hope you are equipped to handle it. Fortunately for the WORLD The DANDY WARHOLS were equipped to handle that with grace, style, a bit of humility (not too much of that though, Rockstars shouldn't be too humble) but never losing touch with their friends back home. We loved to hear the tales of the festivals and the people that they met. David Bowie, Keith Richards, Parker Posey, John Taylor, shit, I don't know all the famous people thy have met, befriended, or collaborated with, but it's an impressive list. I mean, I got to go to the PLAYBOY MANSION with them to watch them play a pro pot party. To be able to to witness in person, how smooth and effortless they looked and sounded on the red carpet. They were fantastic! Zia, in particular, speaking to Danish television about how important it is to be a great mother and still being able to take cannabis in a fun responsible manner, without it coming off like a stoned mom. She was so elegant and perfect. I love Zia! ***footnote*** I just got done listening to THE DANDY WARHOLS first LIVE Album EVER! It's titled [13 Tales From Urban Bohemia] LIVE at the Wonder Ballroom. The driver of the car was particularly impressed on how it sounds like a LIVE record, which is GREAT, but then we discussed how some live records sound shitty but are awesome and classic live albums. The Stones' "Liver Than You'll Ever Be", The Kinks' "Live 65" and to an extent The Kinks' "One For The Road" is. TONS of crowd, barely any instruments or vocals coming strong but screaming more than singing. Hi pitched or just some assorted screams and sing-alongs. I really liked how The Dandies didn't restyle the record. It's a slow creeper classic of early ought tunes. Don't fuck with it, and they didn't. I like the stony songs better on the Live record, and the rockers just sound great. I love how Courtney draws out "Horse Sized Piiiiiiils" Have fun getting reacquainted with a classic. I am in Denver, Colorado as I type this and got down with some nice legalities while being driven around a rental car. It's been on low, medium and high volume. It's soothing, sing alongy, and just weird. It8s a fun record....end ………footnote…… Anyway back to my lil' buddies The Dandy Warhols, the people... Fuckin' FATHEAD! That guy! Talk about a fellow that he and I get along with one another. Something about the two of us together, and hilarity can and will breakout. How cool is it that Courtney recruits the best singing beautiful haired grooviest drummer ever. AND they are RELATED!!?! THAT was a great move. Like getting Jabbar from the Bucks to the Lakers! What can you say? The people love him. He is one talented muthafucka. Nice move Mr. Taylor that was a good move.... Anyway, I just got a text from the reigning Spelling Bee champ in Portland, Zia McCabe, wondering if I was chicken or Veggie for the dinner (i'm her date) I chose chicken and am pleased to have the champion on my arm! (or I'm on HER arm, shit these are crazy times) I guess knowing and listening to The Dandy Warhols is just THAT… always knowing ya got best, smartest, prettiest, funny, sexy, stoniest, friendly, and everybody wants to be around girl/boy on your arm, on the red carpet, getting your picture taken, and know that your entrance and exit will be perfect! Well done, Dandies! I'm so glad to know you, listen to your music, and knowing full well that wonderful circle you have made. (I love circles) No more bohemia, bohemia now…you dig? Oh yeah, I loved their appearance on Regis a few years ago… Smoke it! Youtube THAT SHIT. - TRES SHANNON, CAPRICORN - Voodoo Doughnuts / X-Ray Café - Tres booked the Dandys first live show. January 27th 1994 at the X-Ray cafe portland, OR. Typed in Denver, Colorado 1/15, 2014 I would like to thank Damon and whoever lent me their OLYMPIC typewriter on such short notice. Thank you. 2 phone calls and a typewriter was delivered to me. How cool! DANDIES RULE OK.

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Friday 2 May
Fitzgerald's 07:00 PM All Ages $22.00 ADV
$24.00 DAY OF
Trampled By Turtles, Spirit Family Reunion
"The awesomely named Minnesota string band has been on the rise for years and its gentle, introspective sixth album adds a layer of artistry and emotion only hinted at in previous work." - Associated Press, #10 Best Album of 2012

With six albums to their credit and a word-of-mouth reputation that draws legions of diehard fans to their must-see-to-believe live shows, Minnesota roots music hybrid, Trampled by Turtles have released their first live concert recording Live At First Avenue.
Formed in Duluth, MN, in 2003, Trampled by Turtles is Dave Simonett (guitar, vocals), Tim Saxhaug (bass, vocals), Dave Carroll (banjo, vocals), Erik Berry (mandolin) and Ryan Young (fiddle, vocals). Within the contained music scene of Duluth, the members of the band did their own time in punk and rock bands, brandishing their electricity proudly before switching to acoustic instruments. While they never set out to be a "bluegrass" band, Trampled by Turtles employs many of the same traditional techniques of the genre, but their differences in influences, attitude and attack make for their unique sound.
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